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Below are our Tuition and fees as of April 2019 are:

  • 1 year old class                           $190/week
  • 2 year old class                           $180/week
  • 3 year old class                           $175/week
  • Private 4 year old Pre – K        $165/week
  • Private 5 year old                       $155/week   
  • Before & After School                $100/week
  • Late Pick up After 6:30pm       $15/min first minute; $1 each addition minute
  • After-School Daily Rate            $95/day with After-School fee
  • Public School Closing Rate      $60/day 
  • Summer Camp Rate                  $130/week               
  • Annual Enrollment fee             $60/child
  • Annual Supply Fee                    $20-$50/year
  • Student textbooks                     Varies

The after-school daily rate is a rate for parents needing only 1 or 2 days of service per week. A Gift from Heaven Academy does not offer a daily drop in service.  

The parents needing the daily service are expected to pay tuition every Friday and all rules that apply to the other tuition rates also apply to the daily rate customers.

Daily rate customers are expected to pay tuition for the up-and-coming week even if the child will not be in attendance for the up and coming week.  Although the child is on a daily rate (versus weekly rate), the child is still consuming a spot in the program from the State of Georgia perspective.

The tuition payments CANNOT be separated between parents (i.e. Father pays 50% and Mother pays 50%).  Tuition can be only made in single transactions.

Parents who receive CAPS are responsible for keeping certificates current.  If the center does not receive a renewed certificate by the end date, your child spot will not be held.